1. EZY Fit Soft Tops warrants all it's convertible tops, glass and plastic windows to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment from our premises.
  2. EZY Fit Soft Tops offers a seventy two (72) months warranty on convertible tops & hard glass Windows.
  3. If one of the products manufactured should fail or be unacceptable due to defect in the manufacturing, any and all adjustments will be on pro-rata basis from time of purchase.
  4. EZY Fit Soft Tops reserves the right to determine if a warranty claim is valid. We may insist the item be returned to us for examination. Any abuse, misuse or damage caused by incorrect installation or improper cleaning is the responsibility of the purchaser. All claims are calculated from date of purchase. Proof of purchase must be presented when claim is made.

Additional information

Convertible Tops

We Guarantee our tops against failure of the material, such as cracking or delaminating, excessive shrinkage and severe discoloration. Guaranteed for seventy two (72) months.

Glass Windows

There is no warranty against breakage during and after installation, they are guaranteed against separation of the bond between the fabric and glass. Guaranteed for seventy two (72) months.There is no Warranty against breakage during and after installation.

Plastic Windows

Plastic window assemblies are guaranteed only against separation of the bond between the fabric and the plastic as well as the zipper (if applicable). There is no warranty against scratching and/or discoloration of the plastic. Guaranteed for seventy two (72) months, and pro rata after first 36 months.

Exclusions from warranty


All materials whether canvas or vinyl will experience some shrinkage and color fading due to the aging process of the material.


All Polyester threads will experience some level of fading over time.


Failure to install products as originally installed may cause damage to the product.

Top Frames

Ezy Fit Soft Tops will not be responsible for damage to the product caused by worn, misaligned or damaged top frame.


Any changes in the product will void warranty.

Acts of GOD or Nature

EZY Fit Soft Tops cannot be held responsible for damage caused by acts of God or nature Conditions.

Warranty applies only to the original purchaser. All claims must be submitted with the original invoices. There are no additional warranties or guarantees expressed or implied beyond what is in this page.